Nawab Furniture specialized in all kind of Furniture.

At Modern Digs we're a different kind of Furniture Company, since 1987. We work every day to find new, unique products and styles that offer the very best in today's affordable furniture. While our competitors invent new sales or promotions to play the pricing game, we work to ensure that every experience you have with us is fantastic! That means we're concerned about more than just price. Nawab is specialized in carved furniture. Our goal is for you to be thrilled with every single interaction, purchase and product every single time. And to do that we go beyond just low prices; we focus on providing you true value. Whether its customer service, or shopping experience, cool furniture for your hotel, restaurant, or contemporary furniture for your living room or bedroom, we're committed to combining excellent product quality and service into an experience you just can't beat!

We believe that our work is not only about the product or the price tag, but also about how things are done. That is why we put great effort into making our furniture fair: sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious. Excellence results from hard work. Quality is a word that is easily misused. Our quality is the facts: many years of experience of employees, the latest production technologies, beautiful and durable finishing materials,wood. And the best part about us is we have our own manufacturing unit, so that we can have a transparent relation with client.

We're here to help make your space a refuge - a retreat where you feel comfortable relaxing on the weekend, watching a movie on the couch, or hosting a dinner party. Let us help make your place the peaceful sanctuary you've been craving with cool furniture. Compliment your home's architecture with a sleek, comfy sofa and TV Stand, or make the dining room your family's hub with an eye-catching dining table. Complete each room with our collection of artwork adding pops of color to your walls. Add one of our modern desks to your office, and make it a little easier on yourself to sit down and knock out projects.

According to founder of Nawab Furniture- Mr. Subash Ahuja, “Wood is a product of nature, and as such will display natural characteristics and variances that are unique to each and every cut. These characteristics are an integral part of the charm and beauty of real wood – no two pieces are alike.”

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